About Us

BF Bodyworks Inc. started in April of 1995. The desire was to create an auto body repair business that would be clean and comfortable. It was also important to produce high quality work and be trusted by the community. BF Bodyworks Inc. wanted to work by “The Golden Rule”.

BF Bodyworks Inc. works for you. We understand that auto accidents are not by choice. Our main focus is to get you back on the road quickly with as little interruption to your life as possible. BF Bodyworks Inc. does not work for the insurance companies. This means that we stand in the gap to ensure quality is the number one objective. Many insurance companies attempt to steer their customers to “approved” repair facilities. This steering is for the sole purpose of cheaper repairs and is not to your benefit. We are very concerned about cost control, however, BF Bodyworks will not put saving money over quality parts and workmanship. This is our promise to you.

Floyd Foster

Owner, BF Bodyworks

With over 20 years in business in Olathe and with over 30 years of experience in the collision repair business that rule has paid off. Our first building was an old restaurant behind Bret’s Autoworks Inc. We had to totally renovate it to have a useable structure. We were excited and eager to make it work. Our first marketing effort was sending letters to the community explaining our venture.  We were instantly busy. We outgrew our first 3600 sq ft building in less than 2 years and moved to our current location.  It wasn’t long before we outgrew that shop as well so we purchased the building next to us which now gives us 12,000 sq ft to work in.

Much of our success depends on our staff. Most of our employees have come to work for us and have stayed. This is important because the way we do business depends on all of us.  BF Bodyworks has been successful and will be in the future because of their dedication.

Another key to our success is the relationships we have made with our customers throughout the years.  Some body shops survive by having insurance companies feed them work.  Our work comes from referrals and repeat business, and for that, we thank you, the customer.

We have had many exciting challenges and milestones, but God continues to bless us and we do our best to honor that.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Floyd Foster, Owner
BF Bodyworks Inc.